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Credit-Based Direct Mail Marketing For Auto Dealers

A cost-effective option is to use direct mail marketing. It enables you to tell specific people that they qualify for auto financing at your dealership. You can easily change the channel or delete an email message without opening it, but it is hard to ignore an eye-catching paper advertisement in your mailbox.

Does your auto dealership cater to customers with bankruptcies or repossessions in their past? If so, it is crucial to develop a marketing strategy that efficiently targets this niche. Many people in this category believe that affordable car loans remain unavailable to them, so they tend to disregard automotive ads on the TV and radio.

Targeted Advertising Nonetheless, mass mailings have the same problem as radio and television. You must pay to reach a broad audience, but the ads only appeal to people with low credit scores. Fortunately, you can boost response rates and save money by using targeted mailings. Your message will only reach potential customers with the desired characteristics.

Auto dealers often see impressive results when they switch to targeted direct mail marketing. Automotive News reports that one dealership in Ohio cut the size of its mailings in half and quadrupled the response rate. Many businesses have increased spending on targeted mail because it lets them customize special offers for specific readers.

Credit-based direct mail marketing uses credit records and demographic data to identify potential customers. For example, you might choose to market a particular car loan to anyone who recently filed for bankruptcy. You can also send mailings to drivers with low credit scores or people who lost cars to repossession during the past year.

Other Marketing Factors Well-targeted ads do not guarantee high response rates. To attract customers with direct mail marketing, you need appealing ads and desirable offers. A toll-free number also helps, especially if people can call at convenient hours. It has been shown that some readers become more responsive when mailings include website addresses or other contact information. This would be a cost-effective option to use direct mail marketing

Our company offers a proven advertising solution that reliably enhances response rates. We handle every aspect of the direct mail marketing program, so you do not have to worry about writing ads or mailing letters. Car Market Solutions can customize a campaign to suit your dealership’s advertising budget, geographic area, and target market.

  • No need to print, stamp or mail your ads
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