About Us

Really it’s never About Us…Its About You.

But, Our background is simple:

Thirty-five plus years ago, we started as salespeople at car dealerships. Then we advanced to finance managers, closers, desk managers, BDC managers, new car managers, used car managers, used car buyers, general sales managers, then general managers. Franchised, Independent, and Buy Here Pay Here.

From there, we moved to auto finance buyers, collectors, field reps, and eventually, owners of finance companies.

Then we evolved into sales reps, product development, and presidents of companies such as BarNone, Promax, Credit Mail Experts, and now Car Market Solutions.

Our advantage: We have been there and done that.

We see the auto business from a hands-on level. This way, we not only produce the best subprime and prime mailers but understand what it takes to get the cars sold. Isn’t that the thing that matters most to your dealership.

It is for Car Market Solutions.